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BrightParrot is currently from Hays, NC; previously from Fairfield, CT, Northbrook IL and Wilmette IL.

The origin of the BrightParrot name

The BrightParrot name originates in two parts - the first part is that he is a ParrotHead, and has been for about 20 years. (ParrotHead = Really big fan of Jimmy Buffet) He has seen Jimmy and his Coral Reefer band in concert every year for the last 19 years in multiple venues. Some years, he even saw him twice! Over time, he has collected concert shirts, hats and towels; he also has every CD album that he could get his hands on; all of Jimmy's books, including the ones that he co-authored with his daughter, Savannah Jane.

The second part is from this obsession with flashlights - that's right, he is also a flashlight-o-holic; he has a fine collection of flashlights ranging from your standard Target / Wal-Mart purchase all the way up to specialty high performance lights such as his Tigerlight and FoxFury headlamp. On any given day you can find him carrying about 2 to 4 flashlights on his person. (He's a great guy to be around in a power outage, and especially at a night cache!)

So combining those two items together, he came up with what is now the BrightParrot name.

BrightParrot is a technology guru, specializing in Microsoft enterprise products. His hobbies include amateur radio, his Chevy Cruze, Geocaching and creating and maintaining his websites.

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